Ask me (umassbluangel) wrote in tylerhilton,
Ask me

I met Tyler tonight!

I'd love to see any of your pics with him!
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awsome!! I met him like a year ago, when he was one of the opening acts for michelle branch. although she was sick and after wasting like an hour of our time they said she was too sick to sing and none of the other bands could either b/c of a contract. The opening acts were signing photos and taking pics with everyone so I got tyler's autograph though ^_^
I saw you there tonight. I remember your shirt, haha. I was doing merch for everyone.
do u know tyler and mozella and curtis personally?

-July 2nd

Cool pics! It looks like he's looking at...something he shouldn't be lookin' at. ;)
hahah awesome pic!
nah he's signing something for me
there were too many ppl so he said he couldn take pics with anyone but i stillw anted a pic of me and him...
so while he was signing, i snapped a pic.
where was that pic of you and him taken?
at the Red White and Boom concert in Kansas City
you are sooo lucky *-*

how does it feel like